Empowering Veteran Voices

Catalyzing Institutional Reform Through Media Advocacy

Our Mission and Vision

At Get AMP Network TV and Radio, we are dedicated to lifting the voices of veterans and driving institutional change within the VA. Drawing inspiration from the concept of Archeus, we strive to empower marginalized voices and advocate for reform through our media productions and platforms.

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What We Do

Experience a range of media services tailored to empower veteran voices and advocate for institutional reform across various platforms.

Veteran Empowerment Programs

Our programs offer support and resources for veterans, helping them share their stories, access opportunities, and advocate for their needs in society.

Institutional Reform Campaigns

We lead campaigns to drive reform within the VA and other institutions, addressing systemic issues and advocating for policy changes that benefit veterans and society.

Media Advocacy and Productions

Through our innovative media platforms, we amplify veteran voices, catalyze conversations about reform, and promote empowerment and social change.

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Vision And Mission


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